Horse Ratings For Racing And Sports

Horse Ratings For Racing And Sports Introduction

Understanding horse racing and sports form ratings in the UK is not easy and takes years of practice but worth the while in the long term. In this post I am only interested in how to study horse racing form. I am also only interested in UK handicap horse racing form analysis as well which is my favoured type of horse racing and probably the hardest to crack. As a novice horse form reader the first steps into this arena can be quite overpowering with the amount of horse form variables and horse form symbols you need to understand. Many new starters get bogged down in horse racing stats and then give up. I will make this a great deal easier for you by explaining which key areas of horse form you really need to understand. You will not have to spend hours understanding horse racing selection methods and pouring over speed ratings and breeding. I think many people over analyse and then cannot see the wood for the trees.


Horse Racing And Sports Form Getting Started

There are 4 key horse form variables you need to understand when learning how to study horse racing form.

  • Is the horse form consistent
  • Has the horse got current form
  • Has the horse got ability
  • Has the horse got the class


If the horse exhibits all the above when you are working through your horse racing form analysis then you are well on your way. I normally ensure the horse has at least 3 of the above horse form qualities before moving forward.

I will explain these qualities in more detail in later posts.